Corporate Social Responsibility (SAWI)

The Khyber Network Social and Welfare Initiatives organization (Khyber Network SAWI) is a not-for-profit, non-governmental and non-partisan organization working under the auspices of Khyber Network Pvt. Ltd. Capitalizing on its strong bonding with Khyber Network Network , Khyber Network SAWI, apart from its own team, has the advantage of full support of the network. In this Khyber Network SAWI adopts a multifaceted approach of coupling television broadcasts of the affected populace with an immediate follow up by re-adressing dire needs through collective efforts.SAWI’s main objective is to help and provide support to the deprived people inhabiting especially the remote poverty stricken areas of Pakistan. In pursuance of this objective,SAWI is providing educational and healthcare support services to the communities effected by natural and man-made disasters, with a special focus on women and children in the impoverished parts of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa (KPK), FATA, Pothohar and Azad Kashmir.

SAWI believes that by fostering education, opening up socio-economic avenues and advocating a communal vision for sustained development would yield highly desirable results.